Property appraisals are conducted by real estate experts registered on CMVM and in accordance with the requirements of CMVM Regulation No. 08/2002 and other international standards.
VPM has a team with deep knowledge in civil engineering and complementary in real estate appraisal, that relying on experts certified by the CMVM.

Evaluations of properties are held for the following purposes:
• Finance – Tax Claims;
• New System of Accounting Standards (CNS);
• Real Estate Investment Funds;
• Shares;
• Expropriation;
• Litigation;
• Buying and selling real estate;
• Investment;
• Bank credit.

Real Estate for evaluation:
• Villas and Apartments;
• Industrial and logistics Warehouses
• Commercial Shops;
• Shopping and Supermarkets;
• Offices;
• Land (rural and urban);
• Settlements;
• Tourism Projects (hotels, lodges, resorts, tourism and housing, etc.);
• Equipment and infrastructure;
• Elderly Homes – Geriatric Housing.

• Companies;
• Real Estate Investors;
• Real Estate Investment Funds;
• Lawyers and Solicitots;
• Statutory auditors and Chartered Accountants;
• Real Estate Agencies;
• Private Clients;
• Banks;
• Other.