We work with buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees across all property types. Our current portfolio of properties includes a variety of property types, such as hotels, logistics and industrial units, residential, offices, retail as well as a vast bank of prime undeveloped land.

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Within the real estate consulting the VPM provides an integrated service, coupled with the overall management of the real estate process, accompanying the client in the pursuit of the desired property, its construction, rehabilitation or renovation, until its final occupation.

Thus, in this context VPM uses all the knowledge acquired in the areas of real estate appraisal, engineering and architecture, combined with the experience and empirical knowledge of the real estate market.

Real estate consulting operates in the following phases:
1. Identification and analysis of business opportunities, adjusting the final choice to the interests and objectives of each client, accompanying and supporting him in the negotiation process;
2. Analysis of the property developing architectural proposals depending on the ultimate goal of each cliente;
3. Arquitectural and engineering plans and design with an estimated investment proposal;
4. Monitoring of the licensing process;
5. Management real estate process, supporting the client in selecting a general contractor and supervision as well as discussion of materials and construction options that best fit the property in question and the client’s budget;
6. General monitoring of the works and project management.